Everything in the right place: KOCH feeding and handling systems

To guarantee a smooth flow of materials in a fully automated packaging process and ensure that the products are always in the right place, KOCH feeding and handling systems provide the optimum solution. These supplementary systems for all packaging lines have proven their worth across all industries, featuring as they do high-precision robots that are capable of handling even the smallest parts hygienically and without mechanical intervention. This translates into a packaging process that can be implemented quickly and efficiently for rapid and cost-effective processing while saving valuable resources.  Featuring highly specialized robots or other individually configurable handling systems, KOCH technology ensures that your products are transported reliably whenever and wherever they are needed. This allows both pre-packed and loose products of all types to be moved, unpacked and positioned with absolute precision.

Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications

You will make your processes even easier, more efficient and reliable with our supplementary systems. We offer you solutions for feeding and handling of products in three different areas of operation:

Solutions for presorted products.
For products that arrive pre-sorted in a tray or stacking magazine and are subsequently taken or extracted by a robot or handling system, for example.

Solutions for unsorted products (bulk goods).
We offer you numerous feed systems and components for the sorting of bulk goods and subsequent extraction of the sorted products, by a robot, for example.

  • Oscillating conveyors
  • Step conveyors
  • Centrifugal conveyors
  • Slat conveyors
  • Linear conveyors
  • Hopper systems

Solutions directly linked to your production.
Products can be fed directly along a transport route from your production department to the blister machine, seamlessly linking manufacturing and packaging. The products are then extracted by a robot or handling system, for example.

KOCH thus has all the capabilities to provide you with handling systems precisely tailored to your products and requirements that can be seamlessly integrated into any packaging line.

High-precision and user-friendly solutions for efficient processes

KOCH feeding and handling systems stand out by their high precision and performance. The exact extraction and placement of products in a fully automated process optimizes your packaging process and leads to markedly reduced defect rates. Fast, tool-free changeover to other formats ensures particularly smooth operations. Thanks to the standard, user-friendly interface our handling systems are easy to control.

We offer you numerous robot and handling systems for your specific needs. From industrial and consumer goods to cosmetics and personal care products right down to sensitive and sterile pharmaceutical and medical products – all your products are handled reliably and with absolute precision. Our KOCH professionals analyse your needs and come up with the perfect solution for your packaging process. An integrated packaging and fully interlinked production process helps you to markedly increase the efficiency of your operations. Rely on feeding and handling systems made by KOCH and benefit from our professional know-how and full range of services.

An example of precise handling: the KOCH Delta-Robot KRH-D.

The KRH-D Delta robot is ideally suited for automated, hygienic extraction and placement of products. It places both prepackaged and loose products in pre-molded blisters with absolute precision, no manual intervention and high output. Fast, tool-free changeover to another format is possible. The lightweight robot design in CFRP can be operated alone or in a line with additional KRH-D's, integrates completely into KOCH machine controls and is managed using the user-friendly, KOCH standard interface. We offer numerous other handling systems in addition to the KRH-D delta robot.