KOCH KDT – Sealing made easy.

The KDT turntable machine packages small to medium quantities using the latest machine technology and impresses with its low acquisition cost, reasonably priced format components and low energy consumption.

Blister types

No matter what you wish to package. You receive the appropriate packaging solution, based on your specifications. With the KOCH KDT, you can choose between five blister types:

We also custom package the diversity of your products.



Your personal contact would be happy to advise you in detail.

Packaging variety optimally.

Whether consumer and industrial products, cosmetics or medical products; we custom package the diversity of your products.

Product examples:
glue sticks, light bulbs, spare parts, razors, cosmetics, medical products ...

More packaging solutions

Turntable Machine KDT in detail


State-of-the-art machine technology for the packaging of small to mediumsized batches while keeping costs under control: the compact Turntable Machine KDT offers all you need to achieve this. In terms of costs, the low initial outlay, reasonably priced format parts and economical energy consumption speak in favor of the KDT. As far as technology is concerned, the machine design allows the sealing of the blister.

Compared to the Sliding Table KST, the KDT has a turntable with four sealing tools, which guarantee a higher cycle rate. Other features include a backing card placer, a sealing unit for thermal sealing as well as a product remover. The machine is controlled via an IPC and touchscreen with plain text display.

Technical data KDT

Blister depth:
70 mm

Sealing format:
250 x 360 mm

Sealing force:
30 kN

Tool height:
50 or 70 mm

Output [cycles/min.]:
Sealing/sealing with
Front card placer: 10-12

Benefits of the KDT

  • Low capital costs
  • Reasonably priced format parts and fast format changeovers
  • Small footprint and low energy consumption
  • IPC control system with touchscreen, optional modem connection for remote diagnosis
  • Mobile as fitted with lockable casters

KOCH medplus

Every KOCH machine or KOCH packagingLine can also be produced in the KOCH medplus medical version. You can find out more about the KOCH medplus brand here.

Modular design

The KDT is equipped with a modern sealing station for the processing of blisters with card or paper lids. An additional card placer system allows the feeding of different pack parts such as blanks for cardboard mono-materials or front cards for trapped blisters. Optional components for high-frequency or ultrasonic sealing are available for the processing of different packaging materials. Customized configuration enables you to add the components you need for your ideal, productive packaging process.

KOCH packagingLine

As standardized as possible, as individual as necessary: That’s what the KOCH packagingLine stands for. A highly-automated packaging line, powerful and flexible. The basic version of each KOCH packagingLine consists of a blister machine, product feeding, blister grouping module and end-of-line packaging supplemented by systems for product handling, inspection and identification. Our know-how accompanies you throughout all the phases of the process: From concept and feasibility studies via support with the packaging development up to the implementation of components of other manufacturers. KOCH assumes responsibility for the entire project and offers a turnkey service from one Provider.