KOCH carton packaging machines: end-of-line packaging from the specialist

The safe, custom-fit and appropriate primary packaging of products is only one step on the road to your customer’s facility. Small and sensitive parts as well as large, bulky parts are particularly susceptible to damage during transportation. To prevent such damage and to integrate material-saving and cost-efficient final packaging, KOCH Pac-Systeme offers various carton packaging solutions to ensure that your products are securely and efficiently packaged for transportation to their final destination.

Overview of carton packaging machines made by KOCH Pac-Systeme 

We offer you a range of different end-of-line packaging options that can be seamlessly integrated into a fully automated packaging process and also used to optimally compliment your existing line.

You can choose the solution that best fits your requirements from the following carton and end-of-line packaging options:

Preassembled, folding cartons are extracted from the magazine in the cartoner, set upright and transferred to the folding carton conveyor. Filling with the product and closure of the folding carton then takes place; with the option of a tuck-in or hot melt glue closure.

In wrap-around-packers, the products are placed on the flat blanks. Then the products are encased by a carton.

Top loaders and side loaders
For carton filling from above or from the side. The cases are fed directly into the timing chain, raised, filled and then closed with either hot melt glue or adhesive tape.

Case erector
Two flat blanks are formed at a station and then the flaps are either glued, interlocked or rolled.

Palletizing / depalletizing
For palletizing and depalletizing of your packaging, palletizing robots are used in combination with tools matched to your product at upstream or downstream locations within the packaging process.

Following a detailed analysis and in close consultation with you, our KOCH experts help you decide which carton packaging machine is ideally suited to your products and can be optimally integrated into an efficient end-of-line packaging process. Thanks to the modular design of KOCH packaging systems we have a range of solutions that can be used to accommodate small as well as large batch sizes and high-volume production runs.

Customization of carton packaging machines

The carton packaging machine is individually customized in line with your exact requirements, including the dimensions of the carton, alignment of the products, quantity to be packed and loading process. These as well as other parameters can be configured and tailored exactly to your product specifications. By combining the system with feed and handling equipment we are able to develop individual, customized solutions for highly efficient and high-precision processes that give you optimum packaging results. Our services naturally also include complementary equipment and customized adaptations.

The benefits you gain from using KOCH carton packaging machines: Thanks to seamless processes you not only get a faster end-of-line packaging process but also obtain significant material and cost savings. Fully automated processes also allow you to save on manpower and optimize the quality of your final packaging. When you use KOCH carton packaging technology you can rest assured that your products will arrive at their final destination safe and completely intact, thus effectively reducing defects and warranty claims to a minimum. We would be pleased to advise you about the many options we offer.