KOCH KBS-PT – Multi-talent With octagonal pallet conveyors.

The KBS-PT machine design combines fast format changes, high packaging capacity and flexibility in the processing of different formats and materials. With its eight-sided pallet conveyors, it is also extremely compact.

Blister types

No matter what you wish to package. You receive the appropriate packaging solution, based on your specifications. With the KOCH KBS-PT, you can choose between three blister types:

We also custom package the diversity of your products.



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Packaging variety optimally.

Whether consumer and industrial products or cosmetics; we custom package the diversity of your products.

Product examples:
batteries, household goods, stationery, office items, light bulbs, toothbrushes, air fresheners, toys, cosmetics, tubes, confectionery ...

More packaging solutions

KOCH Blister Machine KBS-PT with octagonal pallet transport


Fast format changeovers, high packaging capacity and flexibility for the processing of diverse formats and materials are the criteria on which the machine concept of the blister machine KBS-PT is based. Distinctive technical feature is the octagonal pallet transport – this makes the machine very compact. The pallet section is easily accessible for the addition of other stations/components and can be served manually by several members of staff.

The great flexibility of this machine is attributed to two main factors. First, the sealing pallets are quickly exchanged and, second, a format changeover involves the replacement of just a few format parts. This ensures the cost-efficient packaging of even small batches.

Technical data KBS-PT

Forming area:
250 x 500 mm

Forming depth:
67 mm

Sealing format:
320 x 600 mm

Output [cycles/min.]:
14, depending on forming material, blister shape/size and sealing duration

Benefits of the KBS-PT

  • Flexible machine concept for the efficient packaging of alternating formats
  • Cost-efficient packaging even of small batches as few format parts need changing
  • Compact machine design with octagonal, easily accessible pallet transport
  • State-of-the-art IPC control technology
  • User-friendly operation with touchscreen

KOCH medplus

Every KOCH machine or KOCH packagingLine can also be produced in the KOCH medplus medical version. You can find out more about the KOCH medplus brand here.

Modular design

As with all KOCH blister machines, the KBS-PT can also be extended to include additional stations and components depending on the application. Camera and inspection systems, labelers, pick-and-place robot feeders, additional card placers and end-of-line packaging machines can be incorporated from the start or added at a later date – seamless integration then results in an entire KOCH packagingLine.

Configuration example of a KBS-PT for the packaging of office products.

KOCH packagingLine

As standardized as possible, as individual as necessary: That’s what the KOCH packagingLine stands for. A highly-automated packaging line, powerful and flexible. The basic version of each KOCH packagingLine consists of a blister machine, product feeding, blister grouping module and end-of-line packaging supplemented by systems for product handling, inspection and identification. Our know-how accompanies you throughout all the phases of the process: From concept and feasibility studies via support with the packaging development up to the implementation of components of other manufacturers. KOCH assumes responsibility for the entire project and offers a turnkey service from one Provider.