April 05, 2019

Two strong brands, one productive cooperation: the shawpak KOCH SP

KOCH, an international quality brand for customized packaging machines, shawpak a brand name for small forming and sealing machines: for both companies, flexibility is the overriding principle. All machines can be exactly configured to meet the required specifications.

The first outcome of this brand cooperation is a compact forming and sealing machine: the shawpak KOCH SP. It processes a wide range of products and blister formats reliably and accurately with cycle times of less than three seconds.

The outstanding feature of the machine is the stepper motor-driven forming drum. As it transports the film through the process without any gripper chains, it is highly efficient and minimizes maintenance.



A commitment you can rely on: Whether a packaging solution involving additional components or incorporation into a line concept or other support and services: KOCH is your partner for an optimized packaging process, and also for the shawpak KOCH SP.

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