Intelligent solutions based on packaging design and machine technology: the smart way

Today’s and tomorrow’s packaging should protect the product, present the brand, and close material cycles by reusing resources. Packaging should attain 100 percent recyclability in order to meet sustainability targets that have already been defined in many cases. As specialized machine manufacturers, we are well versed in designing a packaging process according to your specifications. Customized, economically efficient, reliable, and progressively sustainable.

The new brand use KOCH attests our expertise in packaging design. Each letter stands for an aspect of innovative, sustainable packaging: u for unique, s for smart, and e for eco, such as our cyclePac mono-material packaging. In addition, “use KOCH” is an invitation for you to involve our experts in the design process from the start. For Packaging that incorporates various factors in the right combination, based on the motto “Package the smart way”.

Unique and universal ...

Customized packaging
Each KOCH packaging solution is unique. Whether unique, smart, eco, or a combination of these attributes, our sales experts identify your wishes, and our engineering specialists select the materials and certified manufacturers. Our design and technology professionals systematically implement your specifications, ensuring the optimum interplay between the blister design and the technical capabilities of your machines.

Unique down to batch size one
Whether the backing card, sealing foil, carton, or our recyclable cyclePac mono-material packaging, the combination of a KOCH blister machine and an Atlantic Zeiser UV inkjet printer OMEGA Pro permits the customization of some or all the elements of your packaging, even down to batch size one. In color, of high quality, and effective in design; for product samples, for instance, or for personalized marketing and promotion campaigns.





... smart and safe ...

Intelligent packaging
Inline marking for tracking in compliance with Track & Trace or UDI systems is also an integral part of our portfolio, as is K4.0, our range of digitalization options for specialized machines. Digitalization not only makes the packaging process more efficient and straightforward, but also enhances the intelligence of the packaging. It can communicate and think, and thus brings manufacturers, the retail trade, consumers, and social media together.

With user-friendly functions
KOCH smart packaging includes the integration of QR codes and wireless technologies such as NFC or RFID, through which additional information can be accessed via smartphone. Our experts are also working on further innovative solutions.





... eco and effective: use KOCH

Sustainable packaging
Eco-friendly packaging is a key purchasing argument. The responsible use of resources is standard when we design blister packaging. We pay attention to an effective design, the homogeneous separation of the materials, and the optimized utilization of the machine format in order to already save on material at the packaging process stage.

100 percent recyclable: cyclePac
We offer a solution with a high recycling rate in the form of our cyclePac mono-material packaging. Should complete closure of the sustainability cycle be requested, we only use cardboard made of recycled paper with FSC certification confirming sustainable forestry management.

We are currently investigating other ecological materials such as biodegradable films, special recyclable plastics and bamboo regarding their suitability for a productive packaging process. For the best possible protection and an appealing presentation of your products.