Recognize and utilize the full machine potential: KOCH training

The KOCH training concept is tailored to employees’ specific requirements and prior knowledge and ensures a smooth, efficient packaging process right from the start. Based on a mixture of theory and practical application, your employees acquire skills and proficiency that can be put into immediate use. For instant success in two senses: routine, day-to-day procedures at the machine; and greater overall production reliability.

Basic training courses

Our trainer team uses basic instruction courses to impart everything your employees need to know for the correct, efficient operation of KOCH machines and lines. Training courses are held in German and English several times a year and can take place at our facility or at your company.

Range of topics:

  • Safety features of machine(s)
  • Operating philosophy and functions
  • Operating panel functions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Forming and sealing processes
  • Format changeovers
  • Maintenance
  • Improvement of efficiency (OEE) 

Training duration: 3 days 

Target group: Machine operators, machine setters, maintenance personnel, project managers

Number of participants: up to 10 persons

Current training dates:

The training dates for 2019 will be published at this place timely.

Your contact person: Hakan Aydogdu | Service Engineer |

Instruction and practice for specific machines

Our individual training courses – at the KOCH Technical Center in Pfalzgrafenweiler or at your premises – are perfectly aligned to both your packaging machine or line and your production environment. The content is based on existing knowledge gained from a basic instruction course and further qualifies your employees.

Range of topics:

  • Handling of additional components (marking, inspection, monitoring, …)
  • Machine-specific maintenance
  • Machine-specific troubleshooting
  • Solutions to questions on machine-specific issues

Training timeframe:

  • Normally one to two weeks prior to machine acceptance
  • On site after installation of the machine(s), after extensive upgrade or extension measures

We gladly will assist you in selecting the ideal appointment.

Training duration: depends on the project and machine model

Target group: machine operators, machine setters, maintenance staff and project managers

Number of participants: up to 5 persons

Your contact person: Hakan Aydogdu | Service Engineer |