KOCH labeling systems: high-precision labeling in perfect quality

Individual labeling of products is part and parcel of today’s packaging processes. Accurate labeling is critical to ensuring reliable traceability, storage, quality assurance and safety. Whether track-and-trace, barcodes, batch numbers, DataMatrix codes or any other type of labeling, KOCH labeling systems allow you to include any kind of information on your packaging. Correct labeling of packaging is key to guaranteeing the safety and validation of any product, including consumer and industrial goods, cosmetic and personal care products, or pharmaceutical and medical products. You should therefore place your trust in the labeling systems of a specialist and profit from the advantages of a professional solution.

Inline or offline labeling systems made by KOCH

KOCH Pac-Systeme offers both inline and offline labeling systems. For inline labeling systems the customized printing system is integrated directly into your blister machine. This solution allows perfect labeling of folding cartons, boxes, film blanks and blister cards. Our high-performance offline labeling system, KPM-200, can be seamlessly connected to all SCADA or ERP systems, thus permitting the labeling of different product lines with a single labeling system. The KPM-200 is a high-performance, GMP-compatible solution that can be extended to include a product positioning and grouping system at the product outfeed belt. Its high transport speeds ensure the required output when labeling different products and permits the handling of multiple product lines with a single labeling machine.

Technical data Print Machine KPM-200

Min. [L x B] 60 x 60 mm
Max. [L x B] 200 x 400 mm

Transport speed:
Up to 52 m/min., depending on marking system

Output :
200 products/min. with standard 260 mm pitch

Benefits of the Print Machine KPM-200

  • Fast and easy format adjustment – no changing of format parts
  • State-of-the-art IPC control technology and user-friendly touchscreen operation

For inline as well as offline labeling machines the following systems can be readily integrated, giving you a solution that is perfectly customized to your individual requirements:

  • - Thermal inkjet printng system
  • - Continuous inkjet printing system
  • - Thermal transfer systems
  • - Laser marking systems
  • - Labeler with/without marking system
  • - Drop-on-demand marking systems
  • - Braille marking systems

Benefit from labeling systems made by KOCH

Precision labeling in perfect Quality – that is what our KOCH labeling machines are built to achieve. Thanks to user-friendly operation via a modern touchscreen and improved efficiency through high transport speeds, the integration of a professional labeling system – even for small batch sizes and product lines – ultimately pays off. This saves you time and costs and really boosts your productivity.

We design our labeling systems to accommodate the specific requirements of each industry and configure them to fully meet your needs and ensure optimum labeling of your products. We develop a labeling system for you that is tailored to your specifications to generate maximum efficiency and productivity in your packaging process. KOCH provides you with the technical solution you need and helps you integrate the system into your existing packaging line. We supply all the services required to guarantee optimum operation and maintenance of your labeling system. We look forward to receving your inquiry.