Blisters from KOCH Pac-Systeme: the ideal packaging solution

You won’t find a better choice than the KOCH brand for safe, appealing and custom blister packaging of your products. Our high-quality display packaging is used to ensure professional, customer-friendly and convenient packaging of a wide variety of products – from nail polish to medical sterile goods. The perfect combination of complete product visibility on one side and printed information on the other side of the packaging helps consumers and users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Blisters are the ideal form of packaging for consumer and industrial products as well as for cosmetics and medical goods. The flexible design options and versatile formats make them the ideal choice for countless applications. Furthermore, blisters demonstrably increase sales in the industry as well as safety and efficiency in the medical sector.  

The benefits of blisters at a glance

Blisters are one of the most popular types of packaging around – hardly surprising when you consider the multiple benefits they offer:

  • Perfect visual display of your products in top-quality blisters
  • Maximized customer satisfaction through fewer mispurchases
  • Tamper-proof packaging solution
  • Product protected from soiling and damage
  • Custom fit packaging – even for the smallest parts
  • Simple to open and re-close
  • Numerous design options for customized product packaging
  • Recyclable and thus eco-friendly packaging option

Even unusual packaging solutions are possible with blister packs. Custom configuration of the plastic molded part and product-compliant design of the backing card offer exceptional design flexibility and scope for the implementation of creative ideas.

Optimum blister packaging made by KOCH Pac-Systeme

With KOCH Pac-Systeme at your side, you have a partner whose prime concern and focus is on fulfilling your individual needs. The design of the blister packs and the associate packaging process is optimally matched to your product, your target group and all your specific requirements – leaving you safe in the knowledge that you will receive the ideal blister packaging for your needs.

KOCH Pac-Systeme specializes in providing individual packaging solutions. Backed by our team of experienced, multi-disciplinary experts, we can provide you with suitable and perfectly designed, practical blister packs for consumer goods as well as for complex medical products. Discover our broad range of packaging solutions and profit from the manifold benefits of blisters made by KOCH Pac-Systeme.