Blister packs

Blister packs made by KOCH Pac-Systeme: what suits you best?

Blister packs are display packs that allow custom fit packaging of products in special, pre-formed plastic shells. This type of packaging ensures that even small, fragile parts are securely packaged and protected from slipping and getting scratched or broken.

Depending on the type of blister required the packaging differs in terms of how it is designed and used. The major benefit of this type of packaging is that, irrespective of the kind of blister used, customers are able to see exactly what they are getting before they make their purchase. In the medical sector, this is an especially critical factor in terms of safety and efficiency as it is helps the user, for example, to quickly locate and use the instrument he or she specifically needs. Furthermore, the different blister versions are also superbly designed for storing and displaying products for the most diverse applications. 

Overview of blister packs

KOCH Pac-Systeme offers a wide range of blister packs to ensure the optimum packaging of your product. You can rely on us to find the ideal packaging solution that fully accommodates your individual requirements and product specifications.

KOCH Pac-Systeme offers the following types of blister packs:

  • - Face seal blister
  • - Trapped blister
  • - Blister with lid material from roll
  • - Blister to blister (double blister)
  • - Clamshell
  • - Cardboard mono-material pack

Professional advice on all blister packs

While to the average person the various blister packs may, at first glance, all look the same, they do in fact differ quite substantially in detail and also as regards their suitability for different packaging applications. Face seal blisters, for example, can be used as a cost-effective option for packing mass-produced goods, while the double blister types, which are more difficult to manufacture, offer the potential for a more appealing design. Clamshells are likewise more sophisticated in terms of their design and are also available as re-closeable packs – an indispensable packaging feature for certain products and industries. We discuss all your packaging requirements with you right down to the last detail, which even includes helping you choose the right forming film for your packaging.

We fully understand the needs and demands of the industries for consumer goods, cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical and medical products, and combine our know-how with your individual requirements to create the optimum packaging solution for you. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the blister pack for your product, you can always rely on our competent and friendly support team who will be happy to help you. Contact us today!