Application fields

High quality packaging, safe and visible, or sterile, leak-proof and in accordance with strictest hygienic requirements. For consumer and industrial products from the cosmetic and personal-care sector, or the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector. The diverse packaging solutions from KOCH offer you a broad array of options.

Packaging solutions from KOCH Pac-Systeme: the perfect wrapping for your product

Given the sheer number of offers flooding the markets today, the high-quality and professional packaging of a product can mean the difference between success and failure. So it is better to leave your products in the hands of a true specialist. The blister packs from KOCH Pac-Systeme stand out by their high individuality, superb quality and efficiency, and guarantee optimum presentation and storage of your goods. We offer you custom solutions for all your products, regardless of whether they are designed for consumer goods, industrial products, cosmetics and personal care articles, or pharmaceutical and medical products. And even for complex and sensitive products we will always find the best packaging solution for your individual needs.

Packaging solutions for consumer, industrial, cosmetic and personal care products

An appealing product display is particularly crucial – as well as a key selling point – for consumer and cosmetic goods. When it comes to ensuring optimum product presentation, there is no alternative to blister packs which, compared to other packaging, allow the customer to actually see what the product looks like and what it offers in terms of quality and contents before choosing to purchase it. This effectively prevents mispurchases and clearly maximizes customer satisfaction. The design of the blister is also important from a marketing perspective as it can accommodate numerous communication strategies and layout options. A product packed in a blister is highly visible and perfectly presented.  It is also possible to prominently display product information and instructions for use on the package. All of these aspects play a key role in the purchasing decision of the consumer. And particulary in the cosmetics industry, where color and appealing design trigger a strong impulse to buy, packaging designed by KOCH Pac-Systeme is simply the best choice.

Blister packs for pharmaceutical and medical products

Blister packs really come into their own in the area of pharmaceutical and medical products. The packaging of these sensitive products has to meet numerous requirements. Apart from easy handling (opening, closing and re-closing), the packaging must also ensure absolute sterility and hygiene and also be breakproof and offer adequate protection. The packaging design of blisters can optimally accommodate these needs. Thanks to the KOCH medplus brand, which has been developed specifically for medical products, KOCH Pac-Systeme is your ideal partner when it comes to ensuring the appropriate packaging of tablets, dental products and implants as well as the safe storage of sterile products, contact lenses and diagnostic products.

Like numerous customers around the world, you too can benefit from our long-standing experience and trust in our expertise to design the optimum packaging solution for your product. We look forward to working with you!