Consumer Products

Attractively displayed and securely packed: KOCH packaging for the industry

Packaging for industrial and consumer goods is required to fulfil multiple functions. While the prime focus is on ensuring product safety, an appealing packaging design also plays a key role for the industry. Backed by decades of experience, KOCH Pac-Systeme has built up a reputation as a leading manufacturer of packaging in both areas. Our high-quality and efficient packaging solutions will convince you.

Reliable protection for your products

Thanks to a range of different blister solutions, KOCH’s packaging for industrial applications that we develop individually in line with your specific product requirements guarantees optimum, form-fitting design. This prevents the products from slipping and thus also effectively eliminates the risk of damage to small parts. Our packaging also protects your industrial products from other external influences: Whether spark plugs for the auto industry, children’s toys or baby products, KOCH will always give you the ultimate packaging solution.

Sales advantages thanks to blister packs for the industry

While the reliable protection of your products is a prime concern for the experts at KOCH, we also focus on the sales-relevant aspects of packaging for industrial goods. An appealing packaging design will enable you to markedly increase product sales. Display packaging offers numerous advantages in this respect since it allows the customer to view the product prior to making a purchase, thus reducing uncertainty while boosting purchasing confidence. The quality of an article can be checked before it is bought, hence preventing mispurchases. This all adds up to greater customer satisfaction and loyality. By choosing the option provided by KOCH industrial packaging to display product information on the packaging, customers can also read up on the product and how to use it. Marketing messages can also be easily integrated into the packaging.

KOCH develops functional industrial product packaging that meets your safety needs and helps promote the sale of your products. Check us out and see for yourself.